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Early Childhood

Congratulations! You’re looking at a career in Early Childhood.

It takes a special person to devote their career to caring for our 0 - 12 year olds. Will your career choice take you to the magical world of a nursery filled with our youngest Australians? Will you become an outside school hour’s carer where you become involved in the lives of energetic 6 – 12 year olds whose next journey will be that of high school? Will you be part of the dynamic preschool years where life is one big adventure? Or, do your dreams see you as managing these types of services in your role as Centre Manager or Service Coordinator? Wherever a qualification in Early Childhood takes you, it is assured it will be one that is both challenging and rewarding that will significantly impact on many lives including parents, children, co workers and the community.

Carers are professionals. They are warm, friendly approachable human beings, who demonstrate patience, understanding, imagination and energy.

If that’s you – then a career in Children’s Services has been a perfect choice.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the wonderful world of Early Childhood.