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COVID-19: TLC Questions and Answers

Is TLC still open?Yes, TLC Training Solutions is open and here to support you with your studies. In the interest of the safety and wellbeing of team, our office staff are sharing working from home and remotely, however, our enrolments manager is still at the college...
TLC Management Plan for COVID-19

TLC Management Plan for COVID-19

I know COVID-19 is the focus of conversation everywhere at the moment and rightly so. Although the various government departments tell us not to panic and we are probably all a little over hearing about nothing else but COVID-19 on the TV and in social media, the...

Free Traineeships NSW

State Training Services announced today that a $54.3 million initiative will make traineeship training fee free to help improve access to traineeships. The NSW Department of Education will pay the student fee on behalf of trainees who fit the eligibility requirements...