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Is TLC still open?

Yes, TLC Training Solutions is open and here to support you with your studies. In the interest of the safety and wellbeing of team, our office staff are sharing working from home and remotely, however, our enrolments manager is still at the college to receive all enquiries, process all enrolments and ensure our trainers are equipped with resources to keep all our students progressing. Your trainers are still working their normal hours and still available to support you via phone, email, Zoom, at the office or centre visit depending on your circumstance.

Can I visit the college seeing someone is still there?

You can, but its best to call first and see if the person you are wanting to see is there. As staff are alternating between home and office, they may not be there if you just drop in. In some cases, the enrolments manager or your trainer may discuss an opportunity to arrange a meeting with you at the college to complete an enrolment application, drop off assessments or provide some assistance. In these cases, the enrolments manager or trainer will discuss with you how this will be managed.

How do I complete my assignments?

You will be given an option by your trainer of progressing as normal, being sent electronic assessment booklets, or even completing some units online. As we are in unprecedented times, we are evolving and changing as needs and circumstances arise.
I am attending classes or study hubs at the college, or I plan to. What is happening with those?
Currently, classes are on hold again due to the recent community spread in Logan. We are monitoring the situation and will keep everyone updated via text, emails and our website on when classes and study hubs can resume.

How will my on the job assessments be completed?

The regulatory authority that oversees TLC Training Solutions – the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) – has made it abundantly clear that all RTOs must ensure the requirements of each unit continue to be met by all students. How we do this during COVID-19 may need to be modified and approached differently. Where we can, we will still conduct on the job assessments at your service to observe you in the workplace. If we can’t for any reason, our trainer will discuss with you the options of submitting video evidence or, where videos are not permitted, using technology such as Zoom or Facetime. Initially, when we were aware of potential lockdown measures looming, your trainer made additional visits to your service to try and complete as much on the job observing as possible. This of course was not possible in all circumstances and only supported some units. It obviously didn’t apply to ongoing new enrolments or units commenced following lockdown. Observing you in the workplace is a mandatory component of both our Early Childhood courses, so trainers will work with students individually to decide how best to support this. Where visits are not urgent, or all alternate methods are simply not possible, you can continue with your written assessments and as soon as we can visit your workplace again we will come and observe you.

I am yet to complete my Vocational Placement Hours and I am not currently allowed at the service where I am completing them. What will happen?

ASQA has clearly stated that all Vocational Placement Hours must still be completed. This means we cannot issue a Statement of Attainment or Qualification until they are finished. If you do not have a service you can access throughout this time, you will need to wait until a time that you can. Please do not worry if this means you will need to go beyond your enrolment period. We are waiving any extension fees until 2021. In the case of a traineeship or apprenticeship, we will discuss with you and your employer the need for an extension request application should it appear you will need time beyond your current contract end date.

I am a Trainee/Apprentice in a service and my employer has said that they have no work for me anymore. What can I do?

All employment based questions must go directly to your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information.

How do I find out more information about COVID-19?

The Australian Government recommends visiting the website of your state health authority as they will have the most up to date, correct information.