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Study Modes

We may all be different fish, but ultimately we will swim this ocean together

Study Modes

TLC understands every student comes to us with different backgrounds, needs, lifestyles and experience. It is important therefore that you consider, when enrolling, what study or assessment mode suits you best. A description of each delivery mode is outlined for you on our website, but if unsure don’t hesitate to call our office for further clarification or advice.

Pre-employment (QLD and NSW)

Periodically, TLC will promote and conduct pre employment programs designed for those seeking entry into the industry. These may be targeted to specific disadvantaged client groups – Indigenous, Long-Term Unemployed, Mature Aged or those from NESB (Non-English speaking backgrounds). The advantage of these programs is that they are government funded and can cover up to five units of competency from the targeted industry’s training package. More importantly, they provide excellent insight into the career you have chosen enabling you to determine suitability. If you aren’t currently employed and feel you fit any of the client groups listed, please contact us to find out the next available course date. Please note, that in most cases, you will need to be registered with JSA (Job Services Australia) to be eligible.

Workplace Based (QLD and NSW)

This is what TLC believes is the core to quality training and assessment in terms of vocational education that is competency based. Whether you commence study via a pre employment program, are working in the industry and require a formal qualification or are registered as a trainee or apprentice, you will be involved in workplace training and assessment. The majority of our students are existing workers, and their workplace becomes a crucial part of their training. If you aren’t yet employed, or choose to study externally, you will still be required to attend an approved workplace in order to undergo vocational placement.

Workplace based training means your workplace is your learning environment. TLC will provide as part of your learning and assessment tools, activities and assessment that incorporates your everyday job role and functions, workplace policies and procedures, and the government legislative requirements that are applicable to your state or service.

External (QLD and NSW)

External means that you are working or living in a region that TLC does not currently offer regular training visits to. If we can still get a trainer to you for on the job assessment visits, then learning will be offered with your trainer via skype or phone with assessments required to be sent to us for marking. You will still be required to attend an approved workplace to undergo vocational placement if you aren’t working in the industry, and part of your assessment will be conducted there. In addition a face to face enrolment visit is required. Additional fees apply for these visits – refer to course guide for applicable fees.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships (QLD and NSW)

TLC Training Solutions holds a User Choice contract to support the delivery of State funded New Apprenticeships for Early Childhood in QLD and a Smart and Skilled contract in NSW for delivery of State funded traineeships for Early Childhood and Business. Training delivered under Smart and Skilled is subsidised by the NSW government. TLC can offer clients traineeships iin both States via a fee for service arrangements.

Class Based

In a classroom delivery model you will be trained and assessed through a combination of group discussions, personal reflections, trainer lead discussions, learning guides, assessment booklets and practice scenarios. Class based, although more structured is a very interactive and supportive mode of study. Classes when available will be posted on our home page.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) (QLD and NSW)

RPL is an assessment process that acknowledges a person’s skills and knowledge acquired through previous training both formal and informal, and life skills which enables a student to demonstrate competence in a unit of study.

RPL is not available in all States as direct observation of skills is required by TLC trainers / assessors.

It is important to note, that RPL should not be seen as an ‘easier’ option to gaining a qualification. Whilst there are no learning guides to complete (unless gaps are identified), you will be required to demonstrate competency through the provision of evidence. Training Consultants will validate your competency against required skill sets (clusters of units of similar related outcomes). Validation may occur by assessing a combination of the following:

  • Interviews
  • Third Party evidence
  • Verbal questioning
  • Observation of work practices
  • Resumes
  • References
  • Professional development activities
  • Work samples

TLC strongly believes ‘seeing is believing’ so we make every attempt to ensure direct observation is an integral part of our RPL process. TLC does not promote an excessive evidence portfolio approach.

Credit Transfer (All States)

TLC Training Solutions recognises all statements of attainment and qualifications issued by Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) within Australia. Credit Transfer is a process for recognising formal training outcomes that have been achieved previously. If credit transfers are granted, the student may be awarded credit to the particular unit/s and a reduction in fees.

It will be necessary if applying for credit transfer to provide a certified copy of each transcript. Please be aware that whilst some units may directly cross to the qualification being undertaken, others may need to be examined through performance criteria and learning outcomes to determine the extent to which the unit completed can provide credit in a similar unit of study.

Please appreciate that TLC cannot just ‘take you word’ that you have completed units with another RTO nor can we just accept cover pages, training plans or similar documents. We need an actual transcript. Should you have difficulty in obtaining this from a previous RTO (for example, they may have ceased operation) you can apply for records of prior training outcomes from the Australian Skills Quality Authority by either the ASQA Info line on 1300 701 801 or by email using ASQA’s Contact Us Form