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I know COVID-19 is the focus of conversation everywhere at the moment and rightly so. Although the various government departments tell us not to panic and we are probably all a little over hearing about nothing else but COVID-19 on the TV and in social media, the reality is, this is a situation none of us have ever seen to this scale before and it is real and it does warrant our attention.

At TLC we have been receiving updates and advice regularly from the government departments that manage our funded programs, as well as ASQA who manages RTO’s nationally, plus local and federal governments and health authorities. As a result, we have developed a Management Plan for COVID-19 for TLC Training Solutions staff and students. Please read the plan carefully. In addition our trainers will be sending their students a copy via email.

We are happy to chat with anyone who may have concerns or questions, and we wish you and your families continued good health.