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Every student can learn. Just not all on the same day or in the same way.


Learning doesn’t always come from a classroom. We appreciate our students come from a variety of backgrounds, have had different life experiences, face different challenges and have different learning needs. We have made it our business to ensure there is a learning option that will suit each of students.

We understand we all learn differently so TLC offers many modes of study to cater to the individual learning needs of our students. The team at TLC are passionate about workplace based delivery so wherever possible we offer a delivery model where we come to you! This means not only do we enrol you on site, but you can be trained and assessed in the familiarity of your own workplace – as long as it is relevant to the course you are studying.

Explore our website and see what courses take your interest. So many options, so many choices of study modes, but there is bound to be something that fits you just perfectly!