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Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend time with them, and it will change your life forever

Contact Information during COVID-19

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation our staff are working from home and we have moved to remote learning and assessment options as well as online enrolments. You can call 1300 327 708 to reach our Enrolments Manager only, but if unattended or if you require someone else at TLC, please refer to contact details provided below:
Kylie Hughes – 0438 223 699 khughes@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
Stacey Spicer – 0411 881 972 sspicer@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
Jo Pearce – 0428 397 996 jpearce@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
Kirsty Eade – 0417 147 717 keade@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
Michelle Teakle – 0409 790 431 michellete@nortec.org.au
Helen Whithear – 0419 258 982 hwhithear@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
Office Contacts
Director: Teena Sapwell – 0413 181 168 tsapwell@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
Government Contracts: Ellie Grozdanovska – 0413 845 756 egroz@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
Training Manager: Shelley Mains – 0434 316 858 smains@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
Enrolments: Nikki Holdsworth – 0401 338 500 nholdsworth@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au
NSW Business Development: Feda Eid – 0490 033 947 feid@tlctrainingsolutions.com.au 

TLC is owned and operated by a team of 4 board members. Board Members have different operational roles within TLC but all work collectively for the advancement of TLC Training Solutions and are commited to high quality training.

Board Members 

Teena Sapwell
Ellie Grozdanovska
Stacey Spicer
Kirsty Eade

Managing Director
Teena Sapwell

Teena has been involved in the training industry for close to 20 years in both training and management roles with previous experience in child care centre management (both as Director and Regional Manager), the Department of Communities and Child Safety. In her training career she has been QLD State Manager of a National RTO and before the creation of TLC, Associate Campus Director of a large National RTO. She has previously worked as a Primary School Teacher and was a Validator for the NCAC. In addition, Teena and her husband were co-owners of two Brisbane real estate offices, so understand the fundamentals of running a business.
Teena is also co-owner of the Wrap ’em Ready Group, a successful commercial insulation company, that her son Ben Petersen is joint owner and company Director.


Ellie Grozdanovska – National Contracts Manager / TLC Board Member

As well as previously working as a trainer / assessor and a Centre Director, Ellie began working in the training industry over 15 years ago in an administrative capacity. During her role she has managed the contractual administrative requirements of many State and National contracts and has a solid understanding of administering an RTO. Together with Teena, she established the QLD division of a Victorian based RTO in 2005 and has combined both her training and administration skills whenever required. Bringing her training knowledge to an Administration Managers role ensures she has the understanding and knowledge to provide excellent and accurate customer service and advice.

Shelley Higgs – National Training Manager

Shelley like many in TLC has come from a work history of both child care centre management, Centre Director and also Trainer / Assessor. Used to juggling busy schedules, staff and resources in these roles, Shelley was a perfect fit when TLC needed a manager to support our growing team of training consultants nationally. The role requires her to be informed of industry trends and changes across all TLC’s qualifications.

Nikki Holdsworth – National Enrolments Manager

Nikki joined the team in 2010 and began her career in the training industry as an administration assistant. Having come from a hospitality background, the RTO world was new to Nikki but she established her place on the team quickly and within a few years, moved into an Office Coordinators position. In 2016, Nikki took over the National Enrolments Managers position and is now coordinating TLC’s enrolment process across both NSW and QLD.

Training Consultants

All our Training Consultants are highly skilled and industry experienced with many having come from other training roles. Their paths have all crossed previously either through working together at other RTO’s or in previous roles as Centre Directors, Regional Managers, or Departmental Officers. They are multi skilled and are all assigned to a region in which they are all qualified and trained to offer most of TLC’s services, and all of the qualifications within their related industry area. We believe the relationship between trainer and client/student is extremely important and consistency and familiarity is crucial in the successful progression of the student.

Current Training Consultants:

Kirsty Eade
KYLIE Hughes
Stacey Spicer

Jo Pearce
Helen Whithear
Robyn English(First Aid)
Michelle Teakle

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