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Connect With Your Clients

Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm

Connect with your clients

Employers today are looking at other ways to maintain and ensure customer satisfaction and to offer those they may have in their care (children and the elderly) new and exciting opportunities and extra curricular activities. Why not consider the following ideas?

Parent workshops

workshops designed for parents of young children who would appreciate some new ideas, techniques or information sharing sessions. Great for first time parents, parents of active preschoolers or parents of a child with additional needs.

Social Events

need a hand with fundraising, an open day or end of year event? Whether it be a traditional fundraising drive at your workplace (percentage of sales go back to your business), an event catered around a special theme, a trivia night, a charity fundraising activity or a song and dance evening –TLC has an abundance of energy, a pool of ideas, a big heart, and we sure know how to party!